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Some FAQs to Share

Is the files save from viruses?
All the extension published by MobiMarket team are clean of virus, malware, hidden hooks. You can scan using your antivirus before using it. However, we cannot guarantee the same for other 3rd Party extension that we share here.

Extension not displaying after install?
Please make sure you have removed/uninstall previous extension before installing a new one. Once installed, please close & restart Mobirise software.

Are the extension compatible for any Mobirise version?
Most of the extensions has been tested on Mobirise version 4.10+. To maximize compatibility, you’re encouraged to update your Mobirise to the latest version. Please download latest version here.

How can I get extension updates?
Currently we provide free lifetime updates. If you have downloaded our extension from Paddle, please keep the download email (email sent to you with the download link) somewhere safe. You can always click on the link to download the latest version without re-purchase. However, if you’ve lost the download email, you’ll need to start over with the download.

The extension does not serves my purpose, Can I get a refund?
We’re so sorry that we are unable to provide any refund for your purchase. Please take your time to read the item description and ask us for more info before downloading the extensions.

Where can I get help & support for the extension?
Extension downloaded from 3rd Party site, please request support from the site owner. Extension downloaded from MobiMarket (via Paddle), please request support from the form below. Kindly provide as much information & screenshot if possible.

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